Edward "Kip" Smith

   • IFA Certified Trainer 
   • Certified in designing       
     weight management 
     programs for women,
     exercise, metabolism, and 
     childhood obesity. 
Accomplishments: Avid bodybuilder

      Dionne L Moffatt

  • IFA Certified Trainer 

Edward "Skip" Smith; Owner

President/Founder; Build-A-Body Kids Fitness
Degrees & Certifications:
  • BS Mechanical Engineering - SIUE
  • IFPA Certified Trainer
  • IFPA Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • IFA Certified Trainer
  • Certified in designing weight management
    programs for women, exercise, metabolism
    and childhood obesity
  • Spinning instructor
Accomplishments: Avid bodybuilder with numerous
awards, including Mr St. Louis; Caveman, Iron Man
and best poser


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